Robin Velghe / Rhymezlikedimez


a.k.a rhymezlikedimez

Robin Velghe is an illustrative designer and animator that has worked with some of the biggest names in the music and art industry. Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Velghe made a name for himself as a full-time freelancer and animator on various projects, but his passion for drawing started at a young age.

“I have been drawing all my life and I always looked up to professional illustrators/artists,” Velghe said. “I studied economy and modern languages in high school, but during those classes, I was always doodling on my books. After graduating high school, I knew I was always going to regret it if I didn’t study art in college.”

Velghe went on to study visual communication at LUCA School of Arts in Belgium which opened new connections and gave him the ability to work creatively at an internship. “I started to realize that this could actually become my job later on,” he said “I learned a lot about working in the creative field at my internship.

Having the ability to work creatively in an office showed Velghe that his passion could turn into something lucrative.

“I started as a freelance illustrator and animator, but during those 3 years, I started working more and more on my personal brand called Rhymezlikedimez. Nowadays, I like to find a balance between doing commissioned work and working on Rhymezlikedimez pieces.”

Rhymezlikedimez focuses on the power of music and the ability it has to connect people and explore culture. It is Velghe’s personal ode to hip hop that has not only gained the attention of art and animation fanatics, but major record labels like Atlantic Records. He has worked with prominent names in the music industry like MTV, Anderson .Paak, Knxwledge, Lil Uzi, Sheck Wes, Amine, and many more.