Sean Kushner


Sean Kushner

Born in Clearwater Beach, Florida, raised in sunny South Florida. Kush is known for his socio-political paintings and illustrations. He began creating works in 2015. Kush focuses on a variety of modern topics and often features pop culture subjects with an emphasis on present culture. Kush’s use of various elements make his work unique and distinct. His technique utilizes acrylic, oil, pencil, diamond dust & glitter. Kush applies a comical angle to modern day culture throughout his works.


Kush struggled with addiction at a young age. As an addict he was surrounded by unpredictable experiences. He was rendered homeless. Young Sean was a vigilante in his path to sobriety and succeeded to do so in 2007. Since his sobriety he began to explore avenues of self help. Kush has been working in the rehabilitation field since, aiding addicts and mental health patients professionally. 


Kush’s work reflects his experiences pre and post drug addiction. His work touches on his own sense of social consciousness. Kush strives to bring awareness to everyday struggles and experiences through his use of multiple mediums that represent matters from all over the globe.


Kush currently resides in California and has been actively creating artworks and helping others in need. He is an avid skateboarder, surfer, mentor, graffiti enthusiast and creator.